Who We Are

Ride the waves of life with yoga!

Established in Brooklyn in 1998, Park Slope Yoga Center quickly became THE place to practice and play in the neighborhood. Now, 15 years later, we’ve consolidated into our larger space with much more experience and a team of dedicated teachers who teach over 50 classes per week!

As the years go by, we remain proud to offer quality yoga to New Yorkers. This ancient practice can improve your health, tone your body, increase flexibility and even lower stress levels while inspiring peace of mind. Isn’t that something worth going for?

Park Slope Yoga is a fun and comfortable space you’ll find hard not to love. Offering a variety of classes in our large and light studio, we beat the competitors with the lengths of our membership expiration dates. This means, you can get the most out of your membership even if you are forced to skip a class every once in awhile. Yet, we’ll make sure that you never feel like skipping a class!

Our eclectic style incorporates Hatha and Vinyasa yoga to keep you moving and breathing with ease. And, our highly professional and safe Prenatal Yoga and Parent & Baby Yoga classes help you to navigate the exciting changes that a new life brings. We also offer Pilates classes for a little variety when working your core!

Our Massage menu offers choices on how we can help you to establish a better relationship with your muscles – either after your workout or simply whenever you feel like it. Call us for an appointment to get your massage!

Stop by & experience the joy at Park Slope Yoga Center!