Free Your Mind…
Meditation Mini-Workshop:

The Heart of Meditation
Saturday May 30th
with Shakti CO 12:30pm – 1:30pm

$25 – must sign up in advance!
(Limited to 10 participants)

There were such great comments like those shared below about the April workshop, that we’re offering it again with a bit more for repeat students!

If you’ve been wanting to start or recharge your own meditation practice, sign up for this! In this mini-workshop you’ll learn how to sit with less mind-body discomfort and work towards empowering your mind for better clarity, depth, calmness and the improvement of mental strength for day-to-day activities.

“What I got from Shakti: its not rocket science, its not magic, it’s a practice like anything else that requires hard work, dedication and awareness of yourself and where you are in your life and the world. ” – B.C.

“Shakti and the workshop was incredible – I was talking about it all weekend. I’ve been trying to cultivate a meditatkrn practice on and off and would not have thought to have a private lesson, but learning in a group workshop made it feel very accessible (both personally and financially) and approachable.

Shaki has a wonderful teaching style and I also appreciated how real and honest she was (ie it IS hard to meditate in the NYC context) and the other participants had a fantastic energy. If this happens again, 17V certainly look forward to it.” – S.H.