Parent/Baby Yoga

Can’t find a babysitter? You don’t need one to restore your balance!

Did you think that having a baby may put your yoga practice on hold? Were you worried about losing that precious ‘me time’ on your yoga mat?

Our Parent/Baby Yoga Classes are taught by 2 teachers at once! This mixed level class gives new parents the opportunity to take class while insuring that both parent and baby get all the attention they need!

Whether you want to ward off post-natal blues, get your body back in shape or simply get out of the house, this class is for you! This unique class involves Yogic poses that have been specially developed to help you bond with your child while restoring your inner balance and getting in touch with your own body once again.

Many new mothers find it a good way to socialize and meet new friends who are going through similar stresses. And who knows, Park Slope Yoga may become a place where your baby can make their first friends!

Our Parent/Baby classes are recommended to parents with infants from 3 weeks to 18 months old.

Experience your first yoga class together!