Prenatal Yoga

Prepare your body for the big day ahead!

Prenatal Yoga class Brooklyn

While pregnancy is an exciting stage of life, many women find it extremely stressful. From finding it hard to stay comfortable in their own body while it changes every day, to maintaining a healthy yet safe fitness regime and preparing for labor, there are so many things that keep moms-to-be worried!

Putting an end to these worries is easy with our Prenatal Yoga classes.

Whether you have practiced yoga in the past or are completely new to it, these classes are a great way to stay fit and flexible during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga also offers an excellent way of preparing for the birth of your baby.

Practiced regularly, specially developed poses help increase the strength and endurance of muscles needed for labor, while focused breathing and mental centering help lower your stress and anxiety levels as the big day approaches. Yogic mental techniques also help cope with the pain that so many pregnant women are worried about.

Prepare for the most important day in your life while staying fit and glowing with yoga!

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