Yoga Classes

Translated from Sanskrit, ‘yoga’ means union: the unity between the body, mind and spirit. This ancient tradition brings a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Improved muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Improved blood circulation due to controlled breath and movement
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Improved mental balance, intuition, creativity, concentration and senses
  • Enhanced detoxification & stronger immune system
  • Improved skin complexion and radiance

At Park Slope Yoga, we offer Vinyasa Yoga at various levels: slow, medium & strong.

In Vinyasa yoga, you are encouraged to align your movements with your breath, linking your poses together while inhaling or exhaling, as though doing a dance. This type of yoga is also referred to as ‘flow’, since you flow through sequenced asanas and transitions. Each Vinyasa teacher has their own style, but we have 3 levels.

  • Basic Vinyasa = Slow Flow Yoga (Hatha inspired) class that keeps an appropriate pace for beginners to learn poses. This level also allows seasoned practitioners the time to work strong, to find and to build strength in the body.
  • Mixed Level Yoga = Medium Flow Yoga class that strategically picks up the pace and offers modifications to accommodate those newer to practice. Good for those who are familiar with yoga poses, and looking for more challenge than the slow flow of Basic Vinyasa.
  • Strong Vinyasa = Strong Flow Yoga class that is mindful and challenging in pace, structure, difficulty of poses, and sequencing. NOT for beginners, this class is rigorous and builds on an existing base of strength.

No matter which type of yoga you prefer, this practice will certainly enhance your wellness, improving your fitness level, mind-body connection and the ease and comfort in your daily life.

Bring yoga into your life today!