Reciprocal Healing: A Thai Massage Workshop

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with Rebecca Posner & PSYC's Lauren Slivosky SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, 2018 AT 2:00 - 4:30PM

What is this about? As New Yorkers, we're always in close proximity to others. This workshop is an opportunity to explore your physical and energetic bodies in relation to another. By working in pairs we will explore partner stretches, weight sharing, massage techniques and gain a deeper understanding of exchange. These exercises will culminate by learning a 20-minute bodywork sequence inspired by Thai massage that each participant will have the chance to practice! 

This workshop is for: Yogis, dancers, movers, shakers, actors, medical professionals, teachers, friends & lovers, artists, visionaries, energy workers and ALL humans who are interested in deepening their own understanding of how pure intention can facilitate connection, support and healing.

Do I need to sign up with a partner? No partner needed. You can come alone as an individual and be paired with someone at the time of the workshop or bring a friend!