Body & Mind – Monthly Therapeutics: Yoga RX ® Workshops for Everyone!

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Body & Mind – Monthly Therapeutics: Yoga RX ® Workshops for Everyone!

Many have asked about specified classes to address the restoration andsupport of over used muscles and achy joints. Well, here you go! Once per month, Giancarla will teach a compact workshop that will use therapy balls,conscious corrective movement and innovative exercises while conditioning the mind to pull back while encouraging the body to work smarter and modify in order to alleviate stress and strain.

One Saturday per month @ 6:35pm – 7:45pm

Saturday, October 11th –
Discover the Power and Bliss of your Divine Yogi Feet!

Learn how to release unnecessary muscular tension, improve body awarenessand proprioception, enhance range of movement and functional strength for better standing poses, balances, climbing and everyday posture.

Saturday, November 15th – Shoulder Shape Up!

This shoulder workshop will guide you through playful and challenging techniques that will create spaciousness in the shoulder joint, increase your range of motion and show you how to align yourself with consistentprecision.

Saturday, December – 13th – Retrofit Your Down Dog!

No matter what your Down Dog has felt like in the past, this is your opportunity to get a fresh perspective. Learn the important body mechanics of this classic posture and practice techniques to give you more access to the key joints.

Call or Sign Up Online for this Workshop series:

Single Session $35 | Two Sessions $65 | All Three Sessions $95
Call us to book a Full Vinyasa + Yoga Therapy Package:
Group a single workshop session with a pre-registered
5:00pm Saturday Vinyasa Open class and pay only $30!