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 Brandi Ryans, Resident Massage Therapist mixes signature essential oil blends

Brandi Ryans,
Resident Massage Therapist
mixes signature essential oil blends


Massage Therapy is a great compliment to your yoga practice. It promotes increased flexibility and range of motion, cellular renewal, 
circulation, and it decreases stress levels. It can be used as a tool to open up areas of chronic tightness, as well as providing relief to areas that have been injured or have scar tissue, giving you the opportunity to go deeper into your yoga practice in a safe and effective way.

brandi is on maternity leave!

Until she returns, please call studio
@ 718.789.2288 for alternate therapist.


Deep Massage       
60 minutes $120  |  90 minutes $150

Using Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy, the Massage Therapist addresses your specific issues and creates a healing experience.

prenatal massage     
60 minutes $120  |  90 minutes $150

Massage therapy offers relief from low back pain, muscular abdominal tension and edema that has developed over the course of pregnancy. Studies have shown that massage therapy decreases levels of stress, anxiety, complications during labor and postpartum depression.

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Thai Yoga body work    
75 MINUTES $135

Thai Yoga Massage combines stretching, leaning pressure, reflexology, energy line work, yoga poses, and massage. Completely passive on a futon on the floor, the client is guided through different postures for a full body stretch, gaining many similar benefits of a yoga practice. The practitioner uses her palms, thumbs, feet, elbows, and knees to increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.*

75 MINUTES $135

Reiki is a gentle practice which uses very light hand placement on various parts of the body to encourage healing. The word “reiki” means “spiritual energy” in Japanese; the “ki” refers to the same universal life energy that is worked with in acupuncture, Tai-Chi, and Qi-gong. Reiki sessions help to dissolve blockages, maximize balance, and optimize the flow of energy to promote well-being and unity. *

*Wear comfortable clothes & avoid wearing clothes with lots of pockets, zippers, buttons.


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