Tuesdays & Thursdays  |  11:00am - 12:15pm

Can’t find a babysitter? Won’t need one HERE!

“My new favorite thing of the week…
a serious, invigorating, well-rounded yoga class FOR THE PARENTS…chill about Cheerios on the floor…it’s all about acceptance and welcoming and sweat!”
—happy Mom @plantbasedactress

Our Parent/Baby Yoga Classes are taught by two teachers at once! This mixed level class gives new moms and dads the opportunity to take class while insuring that both parent(s) —and baby get all the attention they need! Whether you want to ward off post-natal blues, get your body back in shape or simply get out of the house, this class is for you! Recommended for parents with infants from 3 weeks to 22 months old.

Photos: Roberto Falck Photography

Photos: Roberto Falck Photography