The Pilates Method is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, performed on a mat while supervised by our extensively trained teachers. Pilates develops strong core muscles resulting in overall health, fitness benefits and is complimentary
to yoga.

1 pilates class everyday + 2 on wednesdays!

afternoons in Main studio:

Saturdays @ 12:30pm  |  Sundays @ 2:00pm   
Wednesdays @ 12Noon


mornings & evenings in small studio:

MOnday & Friday mornings @ 9:30am
Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday nights @ 7:30pm  



Roberto Falck Photography

Roberto Falck Photography

Drop in, Find your core & build strength...

  • Stronger body & muscles without ‘bulking up’

  • The strong core and flat abs you’ve always wanted

  • Creating an evenly conditioned body, less prone to injuries

  • Instilling efficient patterns of motion

  • Invigorating mind-body workout