PS Yoga has an eclectic collection of wonderful teachers with styles that incorporate Hatha & Vinyasa yoga offering a variety of strong and mindful classes. 

Vinyasa YOGA |  All day, 7 Days per week

  • Basic Vinyasa + Restore = Basic Slow Flow (Hatha inspired) Yoga class that incorporates relaxing restorative poses.

  • Basic Vinyasa = Slow Flow (Hatha inspired) Yoga class that keeps an appropriate pace for beginners to learn poses. This level also allows seasoned practitioners the time to work towards building strength in the body and space in the mind.

  • Mixed Level Yoga = Medium Flow Yoga class that strategically picks up the pace and offers modifications to accommodate those newer to practice. Good for those who are familiar with yoga poses, and looking for more challenge than the slow flow of Basic Vinyasa.

  • Tune Up Flow® = This vinyasa class pinpoints blind spots in your movement patterns and yoga practice with the use of soft rubbery therapy balls to soothe and awaken tissues, combined with conscious corrective movements to develop technique. Good for Mixed Level.

  • Strong Vinyasa = Strong Flow Yoga class that is mindful & challenging in pace, structure, difficulty of poses, and sequencing. NOT for beginners. This class is rigorous
    and builds on an existing base of strength.

Yin YOGA | Sundays @ 6:45pm - 8:00pm sm. studio
with guest teacher, dana greene

     •  Community Yin = This living practice is a slow-paced
        concentrated yoga style where postures are held for longer
        periods of time ranging from 45 seconds to two minutes,
        or longer. $10 to participate. Register ahead of time as
        space is limited.